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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Dog attacks.

Well, after requesting people reply to anything posted in this blog to determine if anyone actually reads it and nobody bothering which leads me to believe I am wasting my time posting anything this post may well be my last. Ever.

More rubbish coming out saying dogs attacking humans, particularly children, are on the rise.

When are people going to realise DOGS DO NOT ATTACK WITHOUT PROVOCATION. Dogs are primal animals and understand signals given my other animals including humans. If people react wrongly towards a dog IT WILL ATTACK. And that is the problem.

You cannot blame a dog for attacking if the human child gives that dog the wrong signal. Dogs work on instinct. Give the wrong signal to a dog and on instinct it will react accordingly. If the dog percieves the signal to be aggressive IT WILL ATTACK.

Dogs are not humans. They do not, and cannot, react at the higher instinctive levels we humans work off. They are instinctively agressive anmals. When are people going to realise it is the actions of humans that cause dog attacks not the dogs fault at all. Yes, it is the actions of humans that force the dog instinctively into aggressive mode.

Understanding how dogs instinctively work or react when faced with a given situation would help people understand why attacks happen. So, instead of legislating against dog owners they should give money to organisations to raise awareness in humans and especially children.

It is not rocket science. Understanding how dogs function and realising that children especially give off all the wrong signals will go a long way to stopping 99% of this so called dog attacks.

But then, we have a media set in this country that will hang off any possibly horror stories so while I as a dog trainer understand why these attacks happen I will not hold my breath in the hope that a proper set of training FOR HUMANS when faced with a canine.

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