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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Kingston upon Hull.

Or as it is known these days simple Hull.

Whatever you know its name as, have you ever been here? I ask because as is normal only those with bad things to say about any City are the most vocal. On the Internet, that reaches a world wide audience, particularly. Those web sites that are built so that people can say good or bad things about any city anywhere in the world are dominated by people who only want to say bad things. It is shame but controversy rules. It always has and it probably always will. I suspect many of those who write disparaging things about any city not just Hull have in fact never even been here. I have seen comments about Hull that bare no resemblance to anything I have ever seen and I have traveled extensively around Hull and seen a lot of good things. Sure, bad things exist but not to the extend some claim. Still, as these web sites are designed with controversy in mind I suppose there is no surprise those with bad thhings to say dominate.

So, I ask again. Have you ever been here?

There is quite a lot to do in Hull. From a simple drink in the pubs around the town district to museums that stock all manner of things. Art galleries, while not my personal cup of tea, are very popular with the students that dominate an area of the city that houses one of the largest universities outside of Cambridge and Oxford.

You can, and I advise you do this on a warm sunny day, follow a 'fish trail'. My wife, children and I have taken this trail several times and it does make for an enjoyable couple of hours for the entire family. I wonder how many local, let alone none locals, have undertaken this 'fish trail'? Indeed, I wonder how many locals actually knows of its existence.

I cannot even start to scratch the surface of what this city can offer. I urge you to take a look at the Hull City Council portal on leisure and culture and see for yourself what a day, week or even month holiday here can offer you and your family. We do not have a beech here but a few miles up the road there are many popular and famous 'sand and sea' resorts.

I openly admit I love it here but then I always have. Even as a teenager when my peers wanted "to get away from this shithole" I had no such plans. Nowadays, some 35 years later the city has undergone a transformation and is now a better than ever place to visit.

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