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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Sonic devices.

"A high-pitched device used to disperse teenagers is
being challenged by campaigners, who say it is not a fair way to treat
young people." So says the BBC here

My own thoughts on these devices conjures up visions of herding cattle.

Isn't that what these devices really do? They call it dispersing. The difference between herding and dispersing is so small as to negligible. Stretching the English language somewhat we can say that dispersing means to scatter and herding means to collect but the underlaying thing of using sonic to 'hurt' young peoples ears so they scatter is exactly the same as using sonic sound to herd cattle.

However you view it these sonic sound devices are wrong. Do we know for sure what damage we are causing to our young peoples hearing many 10 of years down the line? Do these devices damage the hearing to such an extent that when these young people are in their 50's, 60, 70's etc they will all be deaf as posts? Do they really know for sure? I think not.

This is just another short sighted attempt to forget that whatever problems our young people have most all of them stem from the family home or lack thereof. There exists many problems regarding our young people and not all of them lay at the feet of the young people. Some of these problems lay squarely at the feet of the elders. The elders see young people as a threat. That theme can be found in the animal world and humans are animals so perhaps this should not come as a surprise that the human elders act as they do towards their youngsters.

Are we really at the stage of human evolution that we should treat our young people with such disdain?

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