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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Under the coshe.

As the Western World and America seek evermore to remove liberty, freedom and democracy from the political drawing board by way of ever increasing surveilence laws and ever increasing Police laws and ever increasing etc. I am sure you get the picture.

Here in Britain the Police have powers to disperse and move on any crowd of more than 3 people. 'People' is undefined so it is entirely within the Law of this once bastion of freedom for its people country for the police to disperse and move on a mother, father and one child. I highly doubt that would happen, today, but one has to wonder why they left the text so ambiguously written in statute.

Here in Britain it is perfectly legal for our police to break down your house front door and search your property leaving in their wake a path of turmoil and destruction. You have no recourse if they got the wrong house either.

Here in Britain it is said that once you leave your house on a 3 mile journey around any city in the country that you will be on someones, mostly none police, close circuit camera for approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes of that journey.

Here in Britain it is perfectly legal for the Police to stop and search you irregardless if that stoppage loses you time which may ultimately cost you your job.

Here in Britain it is illegal for our children to play ball games on many grassy areas dotted about in our cities. If our children are spotted by our Police, or reported to the police by some miserable, usually, childless adult, playing such in a non-permitted area they can, and on occasion, will be arrested. More likely to happen is that the children involved will be given stern warnings, but before being sent on their collective way they will have their name and address taken and later be remanded to turn up at a Police station where their DNA will be taken and added to the Polices ever growing DNA database of innocent children and adults.

Here in Britain it has been touted by someone who no doubt has good intentions, but is undenyably misguided, that naughty and unruly children in our primary schools should be hauled off to the nearest police station, swabbed and added to the evergrowing national DNA database of innocent men, woman and children. The person who touted this ludicrous idea is making the misguided assumption that today's primary children are tomorrows thugs. Let us forget for a moment that unruly children of primary school age have been with us since schools first became mainstream for all. Children of that age are restless by nature. Thirsty for knowledge and will flit from subject to subject so fast and adult cannot keep up. In fact, most all children at that age, 5 to 11, can be classed as unruly so if this stupid idea ever makes it into Law there would be millions of otherwise innocent children being dragged through the mill. Who knows what psychological things would go through he little ones minds. Worst of all is those who would decide our children's fate would be the school teachers who are supposed to offer support for our children's health and welfare while in their care as well as provide an education. If this idea ever gets the go ahead it will be the clearest breach of a childs human rights as one could ever imagine.

Here in Britain adults are continuously being told what they can and cannot do. Forget a time not long ago when an adult was capable of determining right from wrong now we must be guarded from our own thoughts on the subject of right from wrong. An adult, determined legally as being 18 years old plus is no longer allowed to make decisions for themselves. Councils around the country and the U.K. government are seeing to it that every man, woman and child in this country is tracked 24/7. Will soon be forced to sign up to an ID scheme no-one but the government themselves want.

Britain is slowly sinking. Long may she reign.

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