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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Carbon foot print.

So, those who have a hidden agenda want all sorts of things banned because "they emit to much CO2". So, here is how it looks from a layman's point of view.

Anyone who knows a little about how life itself is sustained knows life needs CO2 to survive. No-one is disputing the fact we humans are outputting more and more CO2. Whether that is having anything above a marginal affect on the global CO2 output, and therefore the so labeled Climate Change, map is highly debatable.

Let us consider for a moment that everyone, everywhere on this earth stopped using and doing things that emit CO2. Plant life would die, trees would die, eventually, within a very short time scale in the big scheme of things life itself would die out.

Back before humans had food packaging, as we know it now, heating, computers, refrigerators any and almost all modern appliances man created lots and lots of fires. Fires that they cooked by, fires that kept them warm. Fires to see off the dead. Fires to 'see off' the dead. Fires that the farmers created to burn off their crops. Even street lamps where via fire, granted gas but flame nonetheless. All of those fires gave off massive amounts of CO2.

Nowadays we do not create as many fires, instead we burn off CO2 via other means like computers, heaters and other such none essential things.

Now, take those two together and they cancel each other out regarding CO2 emitions.

Man made climate change is a myth perpetrated by those with an agenda to fulfill and the cash-cow it provides.

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