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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Smoking Ban.

So, the ban on smoking in enclosed spaces is now part of the UK statute. This ban is yet another clear sign that the 'nanny state' is upon us.

It hasn't escaped notice that the Houses of Parliament of this little island is exempt but that is something of a degression.

In many ways, as a smoker and on a personal level, I support this ban. However, I do think it is unfair in many ways. People nowadays, including young kids and teenagers, are well aware of the so claimed dangers of smoking and passive smoking so they and millions of older people who have taken a conscious decision to carry on smoking regardless should in this land of the fair and free have been taken into consideration.

I have never smoked in many places where it used to be allowed. On buses, on trains, in restaurants, even at football or rugby league matches, other peoples houses when children were present or if the other party were none smokers, even if others around me did, at home once our children were born, in the school playground or the perimeter immediately surrounding it, in taxis or other peoples cars. This list of self imposed none smoking places is longer than this but I reckon you get the idea on self regulation. The only places I do smoke my pipe is in the backyard, in open spaces like the street or park and of course in the pubs and clubs I frequent.

Where I do feel this law is unfair is in places where it was totally possible to setup for smokers and none smokers alike. Pubs are one instance that springs to mind. Employ only those who smoke and get them to sign an agreement stating they are aware of the issues claimed to surround smoking. Opposite these smoking allowed pubs and clubs would be places where smoking is banned. In wide open spaces like football or rugby stadiums they could segregate smokers and none smokers.

Back in my youth I well remember 'smokers bars' in pubs which as the name suggests was for those who smoked. Granted the main bars still allowed smoking but the nucleus of an idea is there to be reborn, regurgitated and unleashed on a waiting public.

Oh I know those opposed to any form of smoking anywhere in this country are vocal and have infiltrated many decision making places and the fight has been all but lost for us that enjoy choice and freedom to do as we want but, the fight has now been taken to the courts of this land. I, personally, don't see them winning so much as a single consession but there is a chance to have some parts of this law repelled and I say bloody good luck to them in their quest.

It is only a matter of time before they place smoking bans in the streets and in ones houses. You wait and see.

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