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Thursday, 12 July 2007

Size of people.

When are those who can and should make a differemce going to realise then the English as a race of people have never, ever, been thin? Rarely has its population been what is currently considered normal size either.

Look at pictures from the 1800's and all you see is what is now considered oversized females. If a woman was plump back then she was considered beautiful.

Now they are claiming we as a nation are fat, overweight and other such silliness.

We as a nation of people have never been what is currently considered normal sized. We have always been a bit on the plump, thickset size.

We as a nation have always eaten what we have always eaten so why are they now trying to force people to change because of some flawed measurement (BMI)? Granted there are some cases of people who are unrealistically overweight and fat but they too are utterly normal as they have always been there.

It seems to me that these people who are moaning about the size of people that they are poking their collective noses into something they most certainly do not fully appreciate.

I`ll say it again. Look at pictures from the 1800's and early 1900's and all you will see is people who do not fit into what is now claimed to be the ideal state.

Leave us alone and find something else to wibble on about because us lot as a nation couldn't give a damn what you have to say on the matter as we are normal. Get it? Normal sized. We have always been a collection of slightly above what weight we should be.

Oh and by the way. I am 47 years old, eat what the hell I like, mostly fatty foodstuffs. I love a fry up done in proper animal fat etc etc and I am still the same skinny, 13st 3lbs 5ft 11in person now as I was when aged 18. I eat everything they are now claiming to bad for us and yet here I am the same size and weight as i have always been.

It is not what one eats that makes the difference it is their inbuilt metabolism taht makes us what we are.

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