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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Englands youth

Here we see once again England's youth in action. Thankfully not all England's youth act in this manner. It can be said though that England's youth of today are spiraling out of control. Our youth have always been a little on the wild side but reports like that above do nothing, nothing at all, to foster any form of goodwill from other sections of society towards them.

Sadly, while incidents like that above are few and far between they do get seen as being done by all youth when in point of fact youths who commit acts like that  are in  a very tiny minority.

Youths are youths are the same the world over in that they seek excitement which in turn makes them seek out ways to get that excitement. Unfortunately, getting ones kicks should not involve breaking the law nor should it manifest by doing something that could hurt, even kill, others. More and more in this day and age are we reading reports such as that above.

The questions that need asking are:

What makes them do it?
What makes a modern youth differ from previous generations?
Why does a modern youth seem to take more risks?
Why does a modern youth seek to hurt their peers?
Why does modern youth seem to have no respect at all for anyone?

These questions are not easily answered and if they are answered then doing something meaningful with the answers and bringing about change wuld be difficult at best and downright impossible at worse.

Not all of modern youth are the same of course. Just the same as all pensioners are not the same but but as with all things in life the very very tiny minority reflects badly on the huge majority.

I think that the only people who have any chance of stopping our youth from spiraling out of control is youth itself and until those in power realise that those who cause incidents like that above do not care what some doddering old man or woman sat in their comfortable ivory tower says about anything and instead give power to other youths who do care from our inner cities and estates then the status quo will remain and our youth will get worse in what they do to get their kicks.

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