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Saturday, 28 July 2007


As humans speak, dogs bark.

Dogs bark for all sorts of reasons. As a way to communicate with other dogs and their human handlers. As a way to signify their excitement. As a way of warning other humans not to get too close. As a way to signify to other humans that the dog does not like you. As a way of warning their handlers that something or someone is encroaching their on their space. As a way to communicate. They will bark out a greeting to other dogs. They bark out to ask
"Hello, is any other dog out there able to hear me?". They bark to
answer another dog barking that question. They bark as a way of
communicating with other dogs. In fact, dogs bark for a lot of things!

As an example. Our dogs are trained to sit at a family members feet and bark twice if they need to go outside. They are trained to sit at one of the family members feet and bark once if they want feeding. They are also trained to bring us their food bowls or water bowl if they want feeding or a drink etc etc. They are trained to whimper and bark for a wide variety of things so we know what they want.

The fact they bark, and the deeper that bark is the more other humans fear the sound, should be seen as a good thing as it gives their handlers time to act on whatever it is the dog is barking at or for. The bark also gives out a clear warning to would be intruders. The fact that a dog barks not only protects their handlers and families but also protects near neighbours as well. Plus of course their are the trained barks that help them communicate what it is they are wanting.

So, why do people hate a dog or dogs because they bark? It is no different to humans talking. Granted a dogs bark can be loud but so can a pensioners television that is on way too loud because their hearing is going.

The next time you think about moaning because a dog nearby is barking consider this. A dog cannot talk like us humans but they are intelligent and need to communicate so they bark.

So, don't look down your nose at the barking dog they are just trying to communicate with other dogs and with humans.

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