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Saturday, 21 July 2007

The great North-South divide

In all its perverse glory can be witnessed right now on the anti Northern BBC web site.

Its reporting of floods hold so much bias towards the southern end of this little island we called England is so brash, bold and in your face it makes a mockery of everything the BBC used to stand for.

The North of England suffered far far worse flooding than almost 99% of the Southern end and yet the BBC is fawning all of those little puddles in the south while the north end got next to no reporting whatsoever. What little was reported was quickly pushed under the corporate carpet

No flooding anywhere to anyone is a good thing but please this reporting is so bias its a joke.


Anonymous said...

Thats so funny because thats exactly what everybody in yorkshire thinks. The flooding apparently wasnt bad until it hit down south. People even said they feel neglected by the govenments slow respons to what happened her ein yorkshire.

Jeepster said...

What people down south don't get is the worst of the floods down there were in areas that were previously flood plains. Whereas here in Kingston-upon-Hull the floods happened in high laying land areas. So, the flooding was worse up here due to that simple factiod.