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Friday, 13 July 2007


Everywhere one goes in England there is a lack of police presence, on the streets or in cars. One can walk around for hours and never see a policeman or policewomen either walking the beat or sat idling in police cars. In my home City they have in the last year or so built many new police stations but very very few of these are open to the public 24/7.

I recently returned from a trip to America, Atlanta Ohio to be precise, where police are everywhere and if not immediately within one sights they are almost guaranteed to be one, usually two, within 100 yards of wherever you may be stood or walking.

These two description could not differ more widely.

In England we need more police. many, many more. We need them walking the beats. We need them in cars or vans. We quite simply need more so that we the general public know they are within 100 yards of wherever we may be and we know that they will be passing our houses at regular, measured in minutes, intervals.

Crime is getting worse in England. It is filtering every aspect of ones lives. Even those who never do anything wrong are affected. It needs sorting and it needs a strong, dedicated to the public cause Goverment to start the ball rolling. It needs to be started now before the police lose all control of those who wish to harm others through whatever illegal endeavour they pursue.

A lot more money needs to filter down to local police administators from central Government so that we at least approach the situation in America. Then, and only then, will people feel save within their own homes.

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