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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Flood Aid (Hull)

So, someone has decided to setup a rock gig to help those who need help after the floods that ravaged the city. They are saying they only want Hull bands to play at this gig but lets be honest here how many local to Hull bands are known even by the locals? Not many I would wager.

Chris Cornell (ex Soundgarden and Audioslave lead singer) and Ernest and Stonesthrow (Big scottish band) want to play for Hull's Concert after the organisers pleaded for help but what did the council do? They turned them down because of the stupidest of stupid rules that they only want local to Hull bands playing at the Rock gig.

If that is not stupid I do not know what is.

People will probably turn up and pay good money to see whatever bands they have on display but surely some decent names would bring in more people? I would think so. But the organisers have shot themselves in the foot by not allowing bands who have asked to play because of that stupid rule above.

It beggers believe. It really does.

The above not with standing I urge everyone able to go to go because the situation for a lot of people here is desperate.

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