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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The Hull Rubgy League Derby

I was there and saw the atrocities at the end. This is how I saw it unfold.

Due to the fact that the East Stand of the ground (Craven Park which is an awful ground but that is another argument for another day) made it hard for youngsters to see the pitch they allowed said youngster to sit between the advertising hoardings and the terraces. When the Hull Kingston Rovers (HKR) fans encroached onto the pitch they appeared to head straight for the youngsters who were made up mainly of Hull FC fans. The parents and family friends of these youngsters saw what was unfolding and then they encroached onto the pitch in an effort to stop what they could see was happening.

During the minor fracas that happened it looked like, from where I was stood, as if Yeaman (one of Hull FC's players) was struck by a HKR fan.

I did not see any Hull FC fan strike out at anyone unless they had been struck themselves. I.E. Self defense.

So, we have fans not on the terraces due to ground issues. 1 to HKR.

We have HKR fans encroaching onto the pitch and running in a threatening fashion towards young children 2 to HKR.

We have an HKR fan striking a Hull FC player 3 to HKR.

We have Hull FC fans encroaching onto the pitch trying to stop what they saw was going to happen 1 to Hull FC (for encroachment).

I make that 3 to 1 HKR.

No pitch encroachment can be defended in light of current rules about such but if blame is to be appointed then in my humble opinion it should be appointed on HKR.

What should be levied on either club? That is difficult to say. However, it should be noted that HKR themselves can be seen to have initiated this fracas by letting some fans over the terrace barrier. I would say 8 points deducted from HKR and 2 from Hull FC and fines for both clubs. Finally, I would order the closure of Craven Park until such a time as it is fit for Super League which currently it is not.

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Rubgy League Betting said...

It sounds like a complete mess! How could they let things get that bad?