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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Good grief.

And STILL they prattle on.

When is it going to dawn on scientists that all these natural, and the important word here is natural, things affecting the weather, sea temperatures etc etc are phenomena that no-one can control?

Temperatures are raising and have been rising for over a century. Sure, man has a little to do with it but that little is so miniscule as to make no real difference whatsoever.

Yes, our world is changing, as it has done many many times before down the years. Time and time again the weather temperatures have changed. It changed before we had 'industry'. It changed before we had 'motorised vehicles'. It changed before we had 'electrical goods'. It changed. Time and again. It changed. It went warm, cold, very warm, very cold, colder still etc etc. Over and over again it changed.

Rivers and seas where created during some of these temperature changes. Rivers and seas have been created and disappeared because of these natural changes. Whole swaths of mountain ranges have been created etc etc Our world was not formed in a day and is in fact constantly changing.

That cannot be denied.

So, why do these scientists, who really should know better, constantly harp on about these changes and how man has affected it all and how 'Climate Change' is all because of man himself? I will tell you why I think they do it. They do it because they need funding. To get funding they must have something worth pursuing. Something worth pursuing does not need to be real or even tangible as long as you can fabricate the truth and scare people.

Our world is changing. That cannot be denied. Our world is changing as it has done since the dawn of time. That too cannot be denied.

And yet, there is report fter report after report claiming that the changes we are seeing are not natural but are in fact the after affects of what man has done during the last 100 or so years. What a load of utter rubbish.

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